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Tickfords' Rant

I am part of the 'body 'as a born again believer yet, I can't stomach the modern church practise of looking at someones head,sitting in formation listening to the guru or music leader who has all the answers.It is a monologue.Singing a verse of a song five times,stand up,sit down...Yet there is more to it.

Some would say I'm just being 'picky'...'no church is perfect'.I hear them say...I most be back slidden ?

Yet being out of the 'system' , my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ is more personal not hinded by tradition or the religious spirit of some in that building.

The amount of false teaching and apostasy that is creeping into the mainstream churches locally is truely unbelievable.

Just to view pastors' facebook pages and see who they are following is bad enough ,the likes of Bill Johnson and Bethell Church- Redding U.S.A.The introduction of extra-biblical literature ,christian mysticism and christian yoga classes.

All of which can be viewed here!exposed/c5xz

This is a rebuke from me to those pastors,we will all be judged for our actions on this planet.

Just how much cancer is good for the body.?

This link explains my view.......TICKFORDNZ.!im-a-follower-of-jesus-christ/cjmi

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