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(10 May 1933 – 27 June 2002)

Barry Smith was a Christian preacher, Bible teacher and author, who wrote 7 books on Bible prophecy and travelled extensively, speaking about the end times in relation to Bible prophecy and current world events.

Barry taught for over forty years throughout the Pacific, Australia, the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and other parts of the world.  He travelled by invitation only, often packing out large churches, auditoriums and even stadiums – his messages and views were entertaining, compelling and sometimes controversial.  Literally thousands of people committed their lives to Jesus Christ following Barry’s preaching.

Barry maintained his teaching on Bible prophecy was a vehicle to ‘lead people to a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ’.   He was recognised for his views on ‘the end times’ but personally, his mission was that of an evangelist.

His central message was – there is no security in this world outside of a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ; and that people should read the ‘signs of the times’ and find security in God:

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